These products are produced by the Australian company “Buckley and Phillips”.  Here are high quality aromatherapy items made and produced with natures natural healing agenda and for many years the quality of these products from this trusted company has endured. Heart Beams uses these products daily, and they are loved and reliable with tangible results in relaxation, and helping in many body imbalances and emotional tensions.

There are refined blends of essential oils, each blend professionally put together to allow for the hard work of choosing several oils to be already done for you. The purpose is clearly explained and when dispersed in an infuser, burner, and bath or in an oil blend, instant results are available.

The pulse point rollers containing essential oils and a dispersion oil for instant application, are there for you were ever you go. Easy in size and presented in a small dark blue glass roller bottle as all stored essential oils like to be. Just roll on your pulse points and smell for instant improvement to your situation.

Candles and Incense from Buckley and Phillips are also represented. They are delicious in aroma, and the presentation just draws attention. To set a mood, to improve the atmosphere or just to gift from the heart these are very special.

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