An Ancient Hawaiian clearing technique to make right any imbalances within our life, mind and heart.

By restoring balance to each person that practices this ancient art, a flow and peace to one’s life is achievable with the understanding of the loving principles involved. A repetition of particular phrases to clear negative data is what Ho’oponopono is most known for, but it has so much more.

Helen is Certified Practitioner and has practiced Ho’oponopono in all aspects of her life for 5 years. Not as well-known as some other alternate practices or teachings, there is such a real and uplifting effect from its integration into ones everyday activities and thought processes.

To educate about the ease of access to this life tool is the aim and to allow others to experience for themselves what this clearing and cleansing mind set brings to the heart of any issue.

Ho’oponopono added to meditation, relaxation and intention for betterment gives a strong foundation to improve one’s mindset and interpretation of what goes on in and around our reactions.

Helen offers an introductory explanation to this technique, along with examples of how to use this daily gift. Also giving direction to how to grow your knowledge and resources from all that is available on the subject.

In person (Brisbane) Information session

Email with phone/info session.


Video link info session with email.

All $30