Reiki Services

What is Reiki?

A tradition of energy transference that brings relaxation and balance to the body, mind and emotions by intention. This energy is the life force that permeates the universe.

By centring the energy of the universe from the hands over the body’s energy areas. Or by directing the universal Reiki energy by intention across a distance to a place, person or event. This soothing and responsive energy is sent and given with the purest and most loving intent, the receiver takes this energy into the needed area and then the body puts the energy to use in ways that regenerate and repair on all levels. A learned technique from a qualified practitioner Reiki is a respected healing art.

Helen has been a qualified Reiki Master for 10 years and loves the gentle agility that Reiki can bring to any situation of stress, or body ailment.

By showing teaching and attuning others in the traditions of Usui Reiki others can then pass on this transformative mode of pure energy to help themselves, family, friends and Reiki also works with our pets.

Given in person or given over distance remotely, a consultation can give you the chance to relax, and focus on troubling issues and begin to see the positive feel that Reiki can add to any personal situation dealing with thoughts, emotional issues and health. Enhancing our well-being.

Confidential and Compassionate these sessions will always include a conversation and giving of Reiki energy to the source of any problem.

Reiki Consultation (Brisbane) One to One

$60 1hr

Reiki Consultation distance with phone/video or email discussion

$40 – Time will vary with each individual person.