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Heart Beams offers Natal Astrology your individual “Astrological Life Map” at a very one to one level giving direction and understanding in a professional yet caring way.

Helen is the creator of Heart Beams and has been a qualified Astrologer for 15 years within this time presenting Astrological Consultations and teaching Astrology.  With each client the aim is to always make this science understandable and useable in all areas of one’s life.

Taking your birth – Time, Date and Place, the Astrological Map is calculated. The sun, the moon along with all the planets in their particular positions at the time of your birth, gives an in-depth insight into the real you. Helen puts all your inner and outer personality vibes and the way you individually shine, into a written format described in a clear and personable way.

By focusing on particular issues that are troubling or repetitive in their influence within your life, the Astrological Map can bring to you a heightened awareness of why things are happening the way they are.

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